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“Advice, Support & a collection of stories from inspirational ladies, honoring their Authentic Self through realizing that Breast Implants do not define who you are and that life does go on after having your Breast Implants removed.”

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Dr Susan E. Kolb – The Naked Truth about Breast Implants

Izabella Siodmak – You the Confident Empowered Woman

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Explant Surgeons

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There are risks involved with any surgery. You need to be well informed and chose your surgeon after careful consideration.  Selecting a surgeon certified by the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (FACCS), or The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons or American Board of Plastic Surgery (or similar board certification in your country) is a great place to start.

Be well informed, do your research and ask lots of questions. After all surgery costs a lot of money. Get more than one opinion and see your chosen Surgeon more than once if you feel the need to have your questions answered to a level where you feel fully informed. A good surgeon will not mind and if he/she does, look elsewhere, because if the surgeon is not helpful now imagine what he/she will be like should any problems arise after your surgery.

General Surgery Risks

Even in the hands of the best breast surgeon, there can be complications with your surgery. They include:


*Excessive bleeding

*Hematoma (break in a blood vessel)

*Seroma (collection of fluid underneath the skin)

*Blood clots (often in the leg, known as deep vein thrombosis [DVT])

*Tissue death (necrosis)

*Implant extrusion or rejection (the body rejects the implant and pushes it out)

*Loss of sensation in the nipples or breast area.

*Capsular contracture

*Galactorrhea (production of breast milk)


*Breast implant deflation

*Implant rupture

*Granulomas (small areas of inflammation in tissue that can occur if a silicone gel implant ruptures and leaks)


Cosmetic Complications

Some breast augmentation complications may be cosmetic in nature. These may include:

*Rippling, wrinkling and contour irregularities

*Symmastia (the two breast implants end up touching each other in the middle of the chest)

*Bottoming Out. This occurs when the breast implant has lost its tissue support and has slipped below the inframammary crease (the fold line just under the breasts where they meet the chest).

*Mondor’s Cord. This is named for a French surgeon, Henri Mondor. It refers to the presence of a bulging vein under your breast lobe, on your abdomen and breast. It is caused by thrombophlebitis (inflammation of a vein).

*Double Bubble (DB) “Double bubble” is an uncommon problem that occasionally makes its appearance after breast enlargement surgery. It is called a “double bubble” because the upper protrusion (upper “bubble”) is due to the enhanced breast following augmentation mammaplasty. The lower protrusion is due to lowering the implant pocket below the original breast fold (inframammary crease). The crease separating the upper and lower protrusions is due to the original breast fold, which creates a crease between the upper and lower “bubbles”, hence “double bubble”.

*Dissatisfaction with your results



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